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Litigation: Reimagined

Brian Giles and Bryce Lenox Giles Lenox is a full-service litigation firm based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Its founding members are former trial lawyers from two of the most prestigious firms in the state of Ohio, and have nearly thirty years combined litigation experience. They have represented both plaintiffs and defendants in high-stakes cases throughout the United States, and between them, are admitted in Ohio, Kentucky, Florida, and nineteen federal jurisdictions.

The firm was founded on three fundamental principles. First, we will provide the highest quality representation at a fraction of the cost of big firms. We recognize that flashy Class A office space and other lavish expenses do nothing to solve your problem or advance your case. Because our overhead is purposefully low, we are simply more efficient than big firms, and that savings is passed on to you.

Second, we are trial lawyers, and approach every case as if it were going to trial. We find that when our opponents discover that we are not afraid to actually try the matter, we get better outcomes for our clients. Because of this, we handle cases differently than most litigation firms. We approach cases with surgical precision, with every move purposefully directed at convincing a judge or jury at trial. We do not engage in "scorched earth" discovery tactics that result in little, if any, useful information. Because we often enter into fixed fee or contingent fee arrangements, efficiency is our hallmark. Our strategy is simple - work hard, and work smart.

Finally, we know your case is extremely important to you, so we will be there when you need us. We will make it a point to quickly respond to your email and telephone calls. We will make ourselves available wherever and whenever necessary.

We are different, and we strive to be.


Giles Lenox represents clients nationally in complex and commercial litigation matters.