Alternative Dispute Resolution

More and more, individuals and businesses are utilizing non-judicial means to resolve disputes (including arbitration and mediation), as these mechanisms can decrease litigation costs, and in the case of mediation, reduce adversarial posturing.

We seek the best solutions for our clients, which may include mediation, arbitration, or other methods of resolution. The attorneys at Giles Lenox have mediated disputes using the top mediators in the country in some of the biggest cases, as well as using local mediators in appropriate cases. We’ve tried cases to conclusion using AAA case arbitrators. Of course, if needed, we have the experience and resources to get your case to verdict.

We also have experience as third-party neutrals for early case evaluations, as mediators and arbitrators in court-appointed proceedings and FINRA hearings, and in other neutral advisory or decision-making roles. Our attorneys believe in mediation so much that we donate our time and services as volunteer mediators with the Common Pleas Court of Hamilton County, Ohio and the District Court for the Southern District of Ohio.