Appellate Practice

The facts of life are that regardless of whether you win or lose a case, a party (or both parties) often appeals the decision. Because we litigate so many cases, we have handled dozens of appeals in federal and state courts that have produced published decisions establishing important precedents for future cases. Our published cases include:

Further, we often participate in appellate mediation and settlement programs when our clients’ interests are best served by resolving a matter before an appellate decision.

Our extensive appellate experience further helps to shape our trial court practices, and assists in devising our litigation strategy with preparation of important pre-trial motions, class certification issues, and summary judgment, as well as in the development of the record, the preservation of evidentiary issues, and the drafting of jury instructions. We handle interlocutory appeals and writ petitions when our clients need immediate relief from higher courts. Finally, we assist clients in deciding whether to appeal and what issues to raise, and the risks and benefits associated with an appeal.