Class Action Litigation

We regularly represent clients in class actions, both on the plaintiff and defense side.  Our class action experience spans jurisdiction, subject matter, and industry focus. We have successfully prosecuted and defended cases asserting high-exposure claims in jurisdictions across America, including consumer, securities and ERISA, products and derivative claims.

Class actions are unique, with rules and procedure unlike other areas of the law, and we are well versed in them.  We also have worked with the “who’s who” of the plaintiffs’ class action bar, so we are familiar with the various players in the industry.

We understand that not all class actions can be handled alike, and that litigation costs can spiral exponentially very quickly. We therefore work with our clients to develop and execute strategies specifically tailored to their needs and the specific circumstances they encounter. While we often try cases, we appreciate that there are many ways to resolve a class action successfully, which may include an early settlement where appropriate, often using skilled mediators.