Partnering with Our Clients Through Alternative Fee Arrangements

We know that you are concerned about the cost of legal representation, and realize that oftentimes hourly fee arrangements are not the best solution. Therefore, we routinely entertain alternative fee arrangements with our clients. We negotiate these fees on a case-by-case basis depending on the amount, complexity and novelty of the work required.

Alternative fees can be beneficial to you for several reasons. Alternative fee arrangements align our incentive with yours. They provide predictability and eliminate risk, for you know exactly how much you will pay for the legal services provided at the beginning of the engagement and will not be surprised by the bill at the end. Alternative fee arrangements provide you the freedom to actively engage us and communicate with without fear of being "nickled and dimed" for calls or emails. We want you to call us when you need us, plain and simple.

We like flat fees as well, for they allow us to focus on what is really important -- accurately assessing engagements early and streamlining them. Our time is better spent moving a case towards resolution than engaging in unnecessary discovery and needless litigation posturing. Alternative fees give us this flexibility.

If you are a plaintiff, alternative fees may afford you the opportunity to pursue important cases that you may not otherwise have the financial resources to tackle. In plaintiff's cases, we typically charge a contingency fee equal to a percentage of the total value recovered.

Of course, for clients who would like traditional hourly billing, we will negotiate hourly rates commensurate with the scope of work.

We are creative and forward thinking, just like you. If you would like to discuss an alternative fee arrangement, please contact us at (513) 815-3853.